Equipment & Safety

Pokhara Skydive uses the same type of equipment as Everest Skydive, but we do not need oxygen or thermal survival suits which we do use for the HALO jumps at Everest Skydive.
All these equipment’s have been tested and approved for our amazing skydive adventures by proven manufactures and operated by internationally licensed Instructors. You will be shown the equipment supplied for Tandem Skydiving and given a briefing on place prior to your jump with a Tandem Master at our drop zone.
The opening altitude for your main parachute will be between 6000ft and 7000ft AMSL; the main landing area (DZ) is at 1700ft AMSL. Each parachute system carries an AAD (Automatic opening device) for greater safety in parachuting. You will also be given a skydiving helmet and goggles for your eyes.  So you can still wear contacts if you do. You will be fully familiarized with all the equipment’s, fitted and briefed by our expert crew members prior to jumping. Tandem passengers will be fully prepared by their tandem master prior to making their tandem descent.

 Equipment provided
Solo Jumpers
Self supply of all equipment

Tandem jumpers

  • Jump helmet
  • jump goggles
  • jump suit
  • Tandem harness (and instructor!)

*Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding Equipment & Safety. We are always happy to supply you with more information.

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