Pokhara Skydive 2015 Important Information

Pokhara Skydive, 17th to 20th Nov 2016

Dear Friends,

Pokhara Skydive & Dates

We are pleased to announce that for Pokhara Skdive 2016 has been scheduled for the month of November. Starting from 17th to 20th November the ultimate adventure will be held from Lauruk Dropzone which is further west of Pame towards head stream of Phewa Lake.

Price & Value

This event of Skydive is conducted from a Helicopter where the Fishtail Air’s AS 350 B2 or B3 Helicopter lifts People from the drop zone and flies high to the height up to 10000-12000 ft before dropping Jumpers. There will be one Tandem Jumper on each flight and the cost of Jump has been decided as NRS 75000 Per Tandem Passenger which covers your Video and Aerial Photography taken by an expert Aerial Camera flier in the year. I understand the cost per jumper is bit higher but there is nothing we could do since we are using the Helicopter which has limited occupancy level and higher flight hour cost. A jump of same kind in Thailand using PC -6 (Pilatus Porter) Aircraft costs US $ 400 but jumping out from a Helicopter is always unique and special to Skydivers and therefore, you are not losing the value by jumping from our Helicopter with a little higher price for this year. Following the success of this year, we are also thinking of operating this event using a fixed wing Aircraft in future which might help to bring the cost down for our jumpers.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Booking a Tandem Jump means that you shall be paying for the Jump only together with a qualified Tandem Master. There will be an Aerial Photographer jumping together with you who takes Pictures and Video of yours during the Free fall and edited version of your Video and Photo shall be provided to you later by  our Company. You need to organize your Stay, Food and Transportation to Pokhara by yourself or, ask our staffs to help by getting a room at our official Hotel. Please check for the price for services if you require from us. There will be a Transfer from our base Hotel to the drop zone and you need to reach the Hotel within given time to catch our transport.



I have been receiving lots of requests from friends and other interested people for a consideration in price and in this connection, honesty speak to you that the number of jumps are limited and we are taking a very limited bookings, out of which, many are sold already. In another note, I would also like to mention you that the Pokhara Skydive as of now is our investment for promotion of this noble sports in our Country and we look forward to have a regular Business venture in future but now, it’s just an introduction in the price, heavily subsidized by us. So, we are very careful in limiting the numbers and therefore, request you to pay and book as soon as you are informed of the availability by our staffs. If you can secure a booking, just assume that you are lucky and we look forward to hearing from you on the “value for money” you have realized after the Jump. You will be one out of many and there will be a lot to share on the experience with friends and families, then after!

So, I wish that you become a part of our team this year and live with a sense of achievement for rest of the life. If you are really interested, don’t waste your time but book immediately. There is no discount or special price offered to any one on the remaining slot of jumps. Happy Landing !!!!!!!!!

Suman Pandey

Suman Pandey


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