The Team

Our team includes ace tourism professionals and aviation experts with an impressive history of Everest Skydive since 2008. Skydiving in the extreme mountain environment of Everest Region is a big challenge in itself. From procuring special permits to arranging logistics and ensuring nothing untoward happens during the event, it needs a lot of hard work, determination, skill and planning to hold an event of this caliber in the Himalayas. With some of the best names in the world of professional skydiving and high altitude adventure, our team has been successful in achieving flawless performance since Day One. Throughout your adventure, you will be accompanied by the best skydivers in the world, mountaineering specialists, high altitude medical doctors and highly skilled mountain pilots. Just let yourself free, you are in the best hands!

Suman Pandey

Team Leader

suman pandey IMG_3970 copy

At a time when most Nepalese hardly knew what skydiving is, Mr. Pandey went ahead and introduced this adventure in his mountainous country – the first in Nepal as well as in South Asia. It took a lot of perseverance on Mr. Pandey’s part to persuade the Civil Aviation authorities, Ministry of Tourism and other bureaucrats to allow this adventure to take place in the Everest Region. Mr. Suman Pandey has continued to be at the helm of affairs of Everest Skydive, charting out new plans and looking for ways to make the skydiving adventure in Nepal more challenging and exciting ever since. Widely known as an innovator in Himalayan adventure, he is also the mastermind behind many iconic events like the GKN Mission Everest, Nepal Government’s Highest Cabinet meeting, Racing the Planet Nepal, Himalayan Travel Mart and many more.

For his remarkable contribution in Himalayan Tourism, Mr. Pandey has been adorned with the prestigious titles including Suprasiddha Gorkhadakshin Bahu 4th by HM Gyanendra Bir Bikram  Shah Dev in July 2004, “Tourism Icon” by Nepal Association of Tourism Journalists in 2018, “Life Time Achievement Award” by Gantabya Nepal – a Tourism Publication in 2017, “Tourism Man of the Year” by Gantabya Nepal in 2010, “Life Time Achievement Award” for contribution in Tourism by “American Biographical Institute” Institute (ABI) based in the United States in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2008  and “Nepal Honour” by Everest Foundation in August in 2004. He is also appointed as Member of “Think Tank of Nepali Tourism” by The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) in 2018.

Tom Noonan

Chief Technical Director 

tom noonan

Tom Noonan is an expert professional skydiving instructor from the USA.  He is also involved in both Civilian and Military Tandem Equipment design and test jumping. Tom has made 4,000 skydives and is a USPA Tandem Instructor-Examiner, USPA AFF Instructor, and USPA Instructor Examiner Rating Course (IERC) Director. He also holds a FAA Senior Rigger certification and is a USPA Safety & Training Advisor (S&TA). Tom holds the world record (along with Wendy Smith and Jai Kishan) for the highest parachute landing at 17,192ft. He has been with Everest Skydive since its launch in 2008 and is now leading the team as the Chief Technical Director. 

Wendy Smith

Chief Coordinator& Camera Flyer

wendy smith

Wendy Smith grew up in New Zealand and has a great passion for the mountains; she has been based in France for many years. She is also the director of aerial cinematography and production for Everest Skydive. She holds her Chief Safety Officer certificate for parachuting operations, is an AFF Instructor as well as the Ambassador for the Global Angels Charity Organization. World and Guinness record skydiver Wendy Smith made her first jump in New Zealand in 1985. Her resume to date is:

  • X 7 World Records
  • Emmy Award Winner
  • 19,000 Skydives
  • Professional Camerawoman and Aerial Cinematographer for 22 years
  • Live Broadcast, Media, Air to Ground Cameraman
  • International Events and Sports Athlete Recruiter
  • International Skydiving Competitor since 1989
  • Model Stunt Skydiver
  • Accelerated Freefall Instructor
  • Freefly Kiwi School of Body Flight (founder and coach)
  • Chief Safety Officer NZPIA for parachuting operations
  • First Everest Skydiver 2008 (8,843m oxygen-assisted)
  • Women’s World Record, September 09, 181 way formation skydive
  • World’s Highest landing at Kala Patthar – near Mount Everest at 17,192ft in October 09
  • Himalaya, Nepal NEW HALO record skydive from 30,000ft in October 2010

As the Chief Coordinator from 2009 to 2011, & now an expert advisor and Camera flyer for Everest Skydive, Wendy has taken some fantastic aerial footage during the events. Her technical abilities have allowed her to cover helmet cameras, exceptional reportages and international skydiving events. She has gained several medals in different disciplines, won Emmy Awards for best remote location camerawoman, and has gained a new women’s world record gold medal in speed skydiving. She has also produced, filmed and participated in extreme skydiving movies at the cutting edge of sport skydiving and published a photographic book, ‘Eyes in the Sky’, to compliment 15 years of sport skydiving.  She has been very active in live broadcast air to ground media transmissions all over the world and has actively participated in charity events helping raise millions of dollars for exceptional causes. Wendy is one of the most experienced members of our Everest Skydive Crew.

Doctor Ryan Jackson

Tandem Master / Expedition Doctor

ryan jackson

Dr. Ryan Jackson from England is a tandem master and our expedition doctor. Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge in mountain climbing, skydiving and medicine to our crew. He has travelled and jumped in many places around the world.

Derek Thomas

Master Rigger/ Jump Master

derek thomas

Derek Thomas from USA is a manufacturer and designer of leading skydiving equipment, Master Rigger, tandem master, AFF Instructor and International competitor in sport skydiving. Derek holds five world records for skydiving and has spent his life in the design and development of exceptional equipment for our sport.  He joins our team as Master Rigger and Jump Master.

Omar Alhegelan

Skydiver, Jumpmaster & Videographer

omar alhegelan

Omar helped pioneer what is now known as “free flying” and has received every single accolade related to Freestyle Skydiving. He was also a part of an international group of amateur and professional skydivers at the Everest Skydive 2008 program. since then, he is with the team. He’s highly sought after to perform.

Ted Atkins

Skydiver, Oxygen Supervisor

Ted Atkins

He spent a large part of his career with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service where he was the Staff Officer for Scotland. Ted invented and developed the Topout oxygen system that we use for jumping in Everest Skydive. He is a keen mountaineer with Everest, Lhotse, Kangchenjunga and Makalu ascent records. Ted made his first jump with Ryan in 2011 to affirm the systems we now use.

Ground Support Crew

Along with our skydiving experts, there is a group of expert Nepali Mountain Crew who supports the event throughout. The crew is made up of Everest Summiteers, experienced mountain & trekking guides and event facilitators. All of them have been to the Khumbu (Everest Region) several times and have a vast knowledge of the area.

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